Second visit to Kent

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Kent - 3rd April 2004

We made another visit to our new home and this time stayed the weekend.
Alwyn hired a heavy duty vacuum cleaner and was quite busy with it!

Dylan and I cleaned the rest of the house. We also managed to do an Indian take-away
in Hythe but it wasn't to our taste!!! Better luck next time!

We've also met Gerry, our neighbour - he has many chickens and cockerels in his
back garden. They certainly woke us up in the morning at 4am!!!!!

Hello everyone - welcome to our new home!

Alwyn cleans the bathroom carpet

He's up to something again in the bathroom

I'm in the kitchen - where shall I start....

.....the dusting maybe!!!

The old kitchen!

Very green and bright

Alwyn with a brush!

Not a bad fire place

looking through the utility room

The grass needs cutting!!!!

In the shed, finding rubbish!!

There's something green up there!

In the evening, Dylan & I play Dominoes...

......I'm the winner!

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The next day, Dylan insisted on going for a walk, although it was a bit cold.
At the top of the road, you get a fantastic view of the sea,
We even had a chat with the lady who owns the village Post Office.

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