Wedding Anniversary

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It was our 9th Wedding Anniversary, so obviously we went
out to celebrate it at the Royal Bengal Restaurant.

The food here is excellent and we enjoyed our evening with Dylan

2005-10-01-03.jpg (55765 bytes)
Alwyn loves his Cobra - Cheers to you!

2005-10-01-06.jpg (54765 bytes)
and Cheers Big Ears Dylan!!

2005-10-01-01.jpg (54024 bytes)
Hmm, the popodoms + pickle are yummy

2005-10-01-02.jpg (50141 bytes)
Oops making a mess already...

2005-10-01-05.jpg (56985 bytes)
Alwyn reckons the pickles are great

2005-10-01-04.jpg (59237 bytes)
Dylan tastes the hot ones too!!

2005-10-01-08.jpg (55130 bytes)
Dylan tucks into his Korma

2005-10-01-07.jpg (60476 bytes)
I take a bite of the green Chilli - very hot!!

2005-10-01-09.jpg (44752 bytes)
Let me eat, daddy!!

2005-10-01-12.jpg (45247 bytes)
Too full to have dessert

2005-10-01-10.jpg (53722 bytes)
What's Dylan saying?

2005-10-01-11.jpg (53335 bytes)
He's spotted something