Avolites Xmas Party

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22nd December 2004

Merry Christmas to all our friends and relatives!

Once again Avolites treated us to a special Christmas party.
Everyone enjoyed the superb 3 course meal at The Hotel!

May and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

2004-12-22-13.jpg (47434 bytes)
On to my favourite - the dessert!

2004-12-22-12.jpg (45409 bytes)
Alwyn's got his beer, his a happy man!

2004-12-22-05.jpg (42191 bytes)
Christine tucks into her pyramid as Rob cuddles!

2004-12-22-15.jpg (54096 bytes)
Rick comes over to us for a chat

2004-12-22-10.jpg (52403 bytes)
The Bosses with Shembish!

2004-12-22-08.jpg (54249 bytes)
Meena, Steve and Shembish from Dubai

2004-12-22-14.jpg (70077 bytes)
Carty and Dushy look very sly

2004-12-22-18.jpg (83609 bytes)
Is Melanie up to some tricks?

2004-12-22-16.jpg (47745 bytes)
Can anyone shut Koy up?

2004-12-22-19.jpg (46150 bytes)
Ben reckons the other table is very noisy

2004-12-22-11.jpg (64667 bytes)
Nick and friends have a jolly laugh

2004-12-22-04.jpg (45769 bytes)
Ben entertains Amanda and Lindsey

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