End of Year 2000

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End of Year 2000
We left Dylan home and decided to go to The Telegraph for a celebration.
Nick decided to join us for a drink or two....

Later it was the usual, down to the Taj Mahal where we tasted
some really great dishes!

Who's afraid of the poppers here?

31Dec2000-02.jpg (46432 bytes)
Alwyn and Nick in intense chat

31Dec2000-06.jpg (39901 bytes)
That's right Nick, chill out mate!

31Dec2000-05.jpg (43861 bytes)
Caroline and Warren join in the fun

31Dec2000-08.jpg (45872 bytes)
What's the joke, Ian?

31Dec2000-14.jpg (48092 bytes)
Bottoms up, guys...

31Dec2000-04.jpg (45134 bytes)
....Ok - enough Warren!

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Down to the Taj Mahal Restaurant - the food looks great!

31Dec2000-10.jpg (53173 bytes)
Warren isn't waiting for anyone!

31Dec2000-12.jpg (47261 bytes)
I shall tuck in too!

31Dec2000-11.jpg (49344 bytes)
Alwyn eats his Dhansak fast....

31Dec2000-09.jpg (61266 bytes)
....but try my Jalfrezi and you'll be sorry!

31Dec2000-13.jpg (45764 bytes)
This is cool - I'll have another

31Dec2000-16.jpg (78474 bytes)
Hello - Is Ian asking for a doggy bag???

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