Halminder's 40th

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19th March 2004

Halminder's 40th birthday bash was superb. 
We all went grooving down to The Monsoon Club on a Friday night. 

It  felt like a 2nd Re-union for the Villiers High School mob, 
the rowdy ones but in jovial spirit!!!
We were also joined by many more friends who were also full of beans!

The Rowdy Mob of Villiers High

Hal and Co with some wild headgear

Hal40th-01.jpg (60684 bytes)
All say cheers or summat!

Hal40th-03.jpg (50854 bytes)
Shusma, Kibby and Shindy tuck in

Hal40th-04.jpg (63237 bytes)
Hmmm - great wine and food

Hal40th-10.jpg (51611 bytes)
Padda and Parm do the boogie

Hal40th-07.jpg (44598 bytes)
don't worry we won't give you any bumps!

Hal40th-11.jpg (37043 bytes)
Shushma's trying to hip hop...

Hal40th-06.jpg (34905 bytes)
...while Shindy can't keep the giggles in!

Doing the Bhangra! 

Hal40th-08.jpg (51858 bytes)
The 'Birthday girl' struts her stuff

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