Evening Dinner with Isabel

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6th May 2006

We had a fabulous evening dinner with my friend, Isabel and her family.
We all love The Taj Mahal and so does the boys.
Isabel's sister Marga and cousin Freddy joined us and there was
so much laughter as we played Chinese Whispers!!

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Isabel and I look tired and hot!

Marga looking surprised!

Charlie whispers something to me

.......and it is passed on

but what is Bob saying?

Freddy translates it into Spanish!!!

"The Little Rascals" - Alexander, Dylan and Charlie

Anymore wine Marga?

The boys giggle and have fun

Where's our dinner?

I promise you - this is not hot!!!

Freddy what's that on your nose?

Charlie is good at spoon tricks!

Look at these two - they're a pair of clowns!!