Nursery Project 2 - Mosaic Design

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Mosaic Design- 2003

On January 2003, Debbie, the Drop-in co-ordinator from the nursery asked me again 
if I would kindly assist them  in another project for the nursery.

It was the playground again, only it had an old patch where an old tree died 
and therefore required some colour to it! Debbie's plan was to do a Mosaic design on the ground.

We all had a meeting with the other keen mothers and Mark, a Mosaic expert 
came to talk to us about it.

We all liked the fish idea on the square patch and I came up with few other sea creatures!
 I sketched it out for all to see and later prepared it on mesh material 
for the mothers to begin their mosaic!

The first sketch on paper

mosaic3.jpg (26692 bytes)
The smiling turtle

mosaic2.jpg (25948 bytes)
Swimming octopus

mosaic5.jpg (21832 bytes)
Lovely seahorse....

mosaic4.jpg (18385 bytes)
....and the starfish!

mosaic11.jpg (39342 bytes)
Dylan with the mesh cut-outs! 

mosaic6.jpg (27551 bytes)
The round fish is the best design

mosaic10l.jpg (40255 bytes)
Busy at home sketching.....

mosaic9l.jpg (60104 bytes)
...and cutting out the mesh material!

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