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Avolites Birthday trip to Paris
7th May 2004

Our company, once again made a good choice of taking all its employers to Paris.
We all met up at Waterloo to catch the Eurotunnel train to Gare du Nord.

The sun was shining as we
set off for the boat cruise, followed by the climb on 
the Eiffel Tower!!!!! That's right CLIMB by foot! I was knackered!!
Then we completed a long walk to the Arc de Triomphe and it  was even exhausting!

Sacre Couer was extremely beautiful as was the Notre Dame Cathedral.
The wining and dining in a French restaurant made a great finale to our day in Paris.

Notre Dame in its full glory

Bit breezy when you're near the river!

Le Pont Neuf - We've arrived at the River Seine but cannot find our boat!!

Shad, May, Adam & I look enthusiastic.....

Paris-20.jpg (37612 bytes)
......ready to climb to the top on foot!!!

Oh my legs....nobody told me it would be this hard!

Finally, May and I admire the exhilarating view

Alwyn and the amazing view of Paris 

Eiffel Tower - Level one. 

Paris-35.jpg (79622 bytes)
Sure is a breathtaking view!!

Paris-37.jpg (44786 bytes)
Shad advertising Avolites in Paris

Down firmly on the ground.....

.......smiling - must have lost a few pounds!!!

Paris-47.jpg (260647 bytes)
Arc de Triomphe

Paris-50.jpg (50067 bytes)
More steps!!! to the top of Sacre Coeur

Paris-51.jpg (70113 bytes)
Alwyn looks pretty pleased

Paris-53.jpg (83294 bytes)
We made it and flop down for a rest!!

Rick & Meena with May and I

May and I admire the huge door

Paris-08.jpg (87657 bytes) Paris-04.jpg (121829 bytes)

The boat cruise on the River Seine

Beautiful sights to be treasured

Steve and Koy with the girls again!

Koy with May and Beverley

steve-09.jpg (73207 bytes) Nick-35.jpg (696742 bytes)

Melanie looks  a wee bit distressed?

Side view of Notre Dame

Paris-55.jpg (51410 bytes)
Finally, relax with a lovely meal....

Paris-54.jpg (46648 bytes)
......and a glass of wine - and we deserved it!

Paris-48.jpg (51014 bytes)
Back home - could it be this way?

Paris-49.jpg (49579 bytes)

On the French Metro to catch the Euro tunnel

Au Revoir Madame et Monsieur

Nick-05.jpg (59533 bytes)
On the Euro, Alwyn displays 10 out of 10!!

Nick-40.jpg (393316 bytes)
The romantic couple after Paris trip!!

Nick-06.jpg (41083 bytes)
Oh, its all too much to take in!!

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