Raksha turns 30!!

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23rd September  2005

Happy 30th Birthday to Raksha (Lulu)!

It was my niece, Raksha's 30th birthday so we gave her a HUGE surprise party!
When Ash brought her out for the evening, she did not expect to see all of us there!!!
What a good night that was!!!!

Such a lively bunch turned up for the celebration night in Leicester Square!!

Many thanks to Bhavna for organising the event!!

2005-09-23-13.jpg (47413 bytes)
Raksha opens her presents

2005-09-23-01.jpg (58512 bytes)
Uresha with Raksha 

2005-09-23-20.jpg (45792 bytes)
Raj gives her a BIG HUG - Ahhhh!!!

2005-09-23-27.jpg (51671 bytes)
Cheers to you, Raksha!!!

2005-09-23-23.jpg (39691 bytes)
Alwyn having a groovy time!

2005-09-23-24.jpg (51074 bytes)
Raj and Ash enjoy a few beers!

2005-09-23-04.jpg (53545 bytes)
Kirti and I, looking happy and cosy

2005-09-23-06.jpg (49147 bytes)
Stop posing girls - Heena and Tina

2005-09-23-07.jpg (53089 bytes)
My niece, Silpa looking charming as usual 

2005-09-23-02.jpg (61618 bytes)
Two sisters - Heena and Bhavna

2005-09-23-37.jpg (43862 bytes)
Raksha and Alwyn chit chat

2005-09-23-12.jpg (49095 bytes)
"What are the boys up to?"

2005-09-23-26.jpg (41897 bytes)
Tina has a big smile for us

2005-09-23-25.jpg (33335 bytes)
Uresha finds Bhavna's jokes amusing!

Time for a bit of a laugh!!!

2005-09-23-08.jpg (71759 bytes)
Oh no - what's happening here

2005-09-23-10.jpg (44118 bytes)
Ash tastes something hot + burning!!

2005-09-23-11.jpg (50860 bytes)
That was foul - Raksha reckons

2005-09-23-28.jpg (55761 bytes)
Bhavna doesn't thinks so!

2005-09-23-15.jpg (58649 bytes)
Raksha gets a yellow balloon from Ash

2005-09-23-14.jpg (52734 bytes)
Raj reckons his balloon is the BIGGEST!!

2005-09-23-33.jpg (43447 bytes)
What's Bhavna bought us now?

2005-09-23-36.jpg (42824 bytes)
Another ugly drink!

2005-09-23-19.jpg (66819 bytes)
 YUK!!!! Let's try this lime, it tastes better!!

2005-09-23-16.jpg (36141 bytes)
Which Joke has Tina lined up?

" The Jolly Bunch"
Ash - Raksha - Raj - Heena - Alwyn - Bhavna - Daksha - Kirti

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