Samaritan's Run

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Samaritan's Run is a Charity Event and was held at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.
For the first time I decided to enter the 5k walk!!!

It was so exhausting but Dylan was the energetic one, he wanted to run all the way!!

Dylan, aged 2 wants to join me in the 5k walk

2002-04-06-02.jpg (91351 bytes)
Looking nervous!

2002-04-06-04.jpg (110959 bytes)
Caroline and I share some joke!

2002-04-06- 08.jpg (41618 bytes)
Dylan races round the track twice!!

2002-04-06- 07.jpg (48183 bytes)
It's quite windy today

2002-04-06- 09.jpg (61073 bytes)
Alan and Leanne

2002-04-06- 02.jpg (50815 bytes)
Alan finishes his race

2002-04-06-03.jpg (103583 bytes)
Nigel and Debbie do the walk too

2002-04-06- 06.jpg (63737 bytes)
I don't win any awards - but I enjoyed it!