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Spain 2005
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25th July 2005

Baiona Beach in Spain is gorgeous!
The sand is golden and the views are breathtaking!!
Dylan suggested we walk up to see the Blessed Virgin - and that was really awesome!

2005-08-25-13.jpg (65286 bytes)
It is so hot but cool by the beach

2005-08-25-69.jpg (32013 bytes)
I just love the hot weather!

2005-08-25-67.jpg (67822 bytes)
Dylan makes something in the sand

2005-08-25-68.jpg (61564 bytes)
He helps me to find lots of shells

2005-08-25-10.jpg (52912 bytes)
What's Dylan found?

2005-08-25-14.jpg (71373 bytes)
An extraordinary sculpture and a bridge

2005-08-25-09.jpg (41220 bytes)
Blessed Virgin in the Rock - 1930

2005-08-25-06.jpg (89449 bytes)
The Rock is 15m high

2005-08-25-07.jpg (90857 bytes)
Dylan says his prayers at the alter!!

2005-08-25-17.jpg (71822 bytes)
What's that crawling behind you?

2005-08-25-15.jpg (75468 bytes)
I find a little witch - she looks mean!

2005-08-25-70.jpg (69349 bytes)
Baiona's enchanting streets

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