British Aerospace Re-Union at Cobham 2011

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 30th September 2011

Howard organised a brilliant Tech Pubs Re-Union for Bae. It was amazing to see all my ex-colleagues after 20 odd years and to hear all the great funny stories from the past!!

Quite a few of our mates couldn't make it so it was sad but were truly missed on the night!

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Michelle, Mark, John Kay, Howard, Barry, Paul Conner and myself!

Sue and me catching up on the good times!

Paul and Michelle, still looking the same

Our Dearest Howie!

Wonderful colleague Barry!

Half of The Technical Publications Team - Oh....I do miss this nutty bunch!

Authors and the secretaries

Illustrators having a good ol' chin wag!

Gary Gardner with Howie n Paul

The Illustrators....

The next day Michelle and I go out to London for a meal

On the train home....Dartford Bridge