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 1987 - 1993

My biggest break was in 1987 when I applied for a position in Technical Publications at British Aerospace, Kingston. It employed at least over 5,000 staff and had a huge shop-floor full of workers and aircrafts on its site.

 Working for the MOD meant there was such tight security for all the offices and different areas of the building and everything was sworn to secrecy!

However it was such a beautiful site with River Thames running along behind us!

Outside the BAe Front Building 

Bae04.jpg (56171 bytes)
Here's my messy desk and drawing board!

They  were impressed with me and took me on aboard as a Technical  Illustrator (drawing Aircraft parts on the boards) 

What they really required was another  person's skilful input on  their
At the time I was training on Autocad at a night college. So there you go,  I was immediately zoomed off to be a Technical Illustrator on their computer systems.

I was soon called Dak by everyone which stuck with me for a long time!!

Schematic Drawing for Harrier GR5

Bae08.jpg (44496 bytes)
Mark and Kevin - up to no good!!

 Kevin, a young chap trained me up ever  so quick as he was planning to leave the company!!! Within a year, I was running the four computers and working very hard! 

I learnt the computer jargon as well as the Bae local working system - BCAWD (Bae Computer-aided-Wiring Diagrams) and Anvil 4000 for mechanical diagrams.

 I enjoyed working on Harrier GR5 and GR7 at the time and many other aircrafts.
Eventually I trained Barry and others on the computers whilst they did their own work on the drawing- boards! 

I had great time working with the young chaps in the office - they were all quite a bunch of mad fellows!!
We had many laughs together and played so many jokes on each other! There weren't many female around at the time in our office except me and Tina! 

 Soon we were joined with two other young girls apprentices, Ruth & Jenny 
after Tina left. 
Few years later we were joined by another female, Michelle who came downstairs from the Design Office.

We also had two in-house artists, Martin and Mark who were excellent airbrush artists.

Bae16.jpg (48408 bytes)
Busy proof-reading drawings

Bae15.jpg (44985 bytes)
Martin Alton - camera shy ......

...he'd rather snap photos of others!!

Bae13.jpg (52891 bytes)
Taking a break...

Bae12.jpg (54661 bytes)
Office overlooking River Thames!

My "Farewell Do" at the Fox and Goose
Bae06.jpg (30769 bytes)
Howard and Martin presenting the 
huge card and bouquet!

Sadly in 1994 the Bae site in Kingston was to see its last days. They planned on knocking it all down and eventually moving its staff to Farnborough!! 

Alas that was the end for me...I did not wish to travel up to Farnborough so I took voluntary redundancy in 1993. They were all sad for me to go but as you can see I had a tremendous "Do" before I left.

Martin drew an excellent caricature of me and the gang! I couldn't get away without such a great gesture! The bouquet was lovely too. 

In 1994 Kingston site became a HUGE 
...........we were all gutted!

This is when Harrier II made its last departure from Kingston

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