Birth of a baby boy - June 21st 1998
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In 1998, Dylan Ashish Fernandes was born at Mayday Hospital, Croydon.
I was relieved when they said he's out, live and kicking! Then I knew it was a beginning of a new life for Alwyn and I!!!!!!

You can't imagine what it's like -  to have something that you've created 
and it's yours to keep forever!!! 
It was beautiful and words can't explain the rest.....

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Kings College Hospital

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11 Weeks Scan at Kings College Hospital

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11 Weeks Scan

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18 Weeks Scan

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18 Weeks Scan

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With my Tens Machine

On Friday 19th, the contractions began but I put up with the pain as Alwyn was at work.

 The following day I desperately fiddled with my Tens Machine for some  
relieve of pain!!!!!!
What nonsense that was - it didn't do anything for me!

That's it, can't take any more - we decide to go to the hospital where they decided to keep me in for monitoring.

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Sunday 21st June - Mayday Hospital

The whole of Saturday was awful and I felt lonely as Alwyn was sent home.
The excruciating pain is inexpressible to  anyone, especially to MEN!!!!

At midnight they whizzed me into the Labour ward and urgently tried to  
contact Alwyn!!!!!

Of course he's fast asleep and no-one hears the phone ring at home!!! Eventually, at 4am, the nurse phoned Raj, our friend living nearby, who went over and
 woke him up!

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The gas and air system is awful 

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First photo of Dylan - all wrapped up!

 Alwyn dashed to the hospital in time!
Finally Dylan was born on Sunday at 3.40pm. I was exhausted as expected, but  the nurses laughed at Alwyn because he looked more shattered than me!

When Dylan was handed over to us, my first  reaction was that this cannot be my baby!! He was gorgeous but very 
fair skinned - not brown!!
He also looked a  little ugly too, with so much hair!

But he was ours and we enjoyed 
cuddling the bundle!

Dylan was very drowsy but they bathed him very carefully and he smelt very nice like a baby should.

After my bath I was wheeled onto the 
ward where we could spend time 
together as a family

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Being weighed before his first bath

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Back in the ward

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He looks a bit grumpy here!

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The proud mummy....

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....and the proud daddy!

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In the ward, we took few more pictures of
Dylan with mummy and daddy.

Doesn't Alwyn look more tired and rough than me?

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Day 1 - at Mayday Hospital

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He's my boy...

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.....Say "smelly feet"

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Day 2

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Day 2 - Daddy falls asleep with Dylan!

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Day 5 - Home at last!

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It's teletubbies for you mate...

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....nap time for me!

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Peace and quiet at last!

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