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Journey back home - Namur and France 2008
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20th August 2008

The journey from Luxembourg to Namur, South of Brussels was an extremely long one!!
We stayed in a cosy Hotel in Namur for some rest and a warm shower!!

Funnily enough we found an Indian Restaurant called The Taj Mahal but
the food wasn't that great!!!

The Taj Mahal in Namur - South of Brussels

"Friends" Bar

Alwyn tastes a few beers here!

Dylan admires the Paella

but opts for his favourite McDonalds!!

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21st August - Le Touquet, France

We had such a hot day in Le Touquet! This was our last stop before returning home!!
We stayed in a lovely little Hotel and enjoyed just chilling out at the beach.

Lunch at an Italian Cafe - Hmm the crepes were so tasty!!

Dylan orders his Mussels....

......with vinegar!

Alwyn just relaxes

Dyl can't even open his eyes

I love the sea

Dylan enjoys the white sand!

Another Minigolf

Dylan can't get enough of it!

The tide has gone out.....

......and the sun sets

L'Embrums Hotel

Dylan catches up on TV!!