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Camping in Europe - Germany
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15th & 16th August 2008

Part 2 of our Camping holiday was at the Eiffel Camp in Germany.
It was a beautiful setting around a forest and the site itself was so peaceful.

Dylan and I put the tent up but the top sheet is a struggle!

almost there!

Alwyn helps chop the onions

Cook rice and curry because we're all so hungry!

Our site has spectacular views

Hey its The Fonz!!

Bedtime - so we play Dominoes

Boy with one blue eye!

Day 2 - Freilinger See was such a picturesque area!

We started our walk from the very top and headed down towards the lake.
The walk back up was as bit of a struggle but not for Dylan!!

Wish u were here..........

I want to sing and shout!!!!

But Dyl doesn't want to!

Alwyn in the Forest

Peace man

Daddy cooks something for Dyl

We're really into Dominoes