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Hammersmith and West London College 1981 - 1982

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Can you spot me?

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All my foreign friends!!

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Ealing College of Higher Education 1982 - 1984

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Bit of Black and White Photography work

My days at Ealing College of Higher Education  were very tough and  challenging but exciting too. I learnt many aspects of Art and Design. There was an opportunity for photography work which I loved very much. With this method we created a cartoon strip with photos and was able to process and develop our work in the darkroom!

I also had a chance to do woodwork where I made a book/video and TV stand - I still use this box of wood work!!

The exciting part of learning was the silkscreen printing on T-shirts as we could design our own and print. At the end of the process we passed them down to the Fashion studio for their catwalk show! However in the end you yourself could wear them, if they were good enough!!
After my fun and hard days of studying and eventually achieving my Diploma in Graphics Design, I couldn't wait to get out in the working world to use my   
skills and talents!

1983 - Ealing college of Higher Education

College Tutor, Steve Fletcher and friend Elaine

All my artistic friends - 1984

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Cranford High School - First Employment 1984 - 1985

I first began as a Graphic Designer for Cranford High School where there was a small team of us involved in producing the local newsletter. As usual I worked towards deadlines producing pictures and also did the usual cut and paste for the  printing office.

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