Masala Dosas!

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10th October 2004

I was dying for some Masala Dosas so Dylan and I decided to cook
some in my new kitchen! You really need the knack of making these!

They are quite fiddly to make - but I achieved it in the end, all 30 of them!
Do you know what, Alwyn and Dylan enjoyed them very much!!

Oh no - Alwyn catches me on the camera!!

cooking-01.jpg (45109 bytes)
Dylan shows us how it's done...

cooking-06.jpg (44616 bytes)
.....and keeps me cool with his fan!

cooking-04.jpg (45441 bytes)
Must flip it over gently

cooking-07.jpg (30786 bytes)
My Dylan is very helpful

cooking-03.jpg (46287 bytes)
Another 25 to go.....

cooking-02.jpg (52295 bytes)
......O.K. Alwyn, you can put the camera down !!

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