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Eden Project - Cornwall
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18th August 2009
Day 3 - Eden Project, Cornwall

Eden Project was awesome and it was the best place Dylan loved!
The Rainforest Biome was 35 deg. hot and we were all sweating inside. It really did feel like trekking through the rainforests of Malaysia, West Africa and South America!!

There were so much too see here, from all the Mediterranean plants to the most exotic and wild
plants and f;lowers

The massive looking golf balls, as Dylan puts it are called Biomes

We take the zig zag path down

The Core in the background

Dylan walks down the shortcut bridges

These scented flowers are pretty

Even Dylan is fascinated by the colours

Alwyn dreams his garden could be like this

recycled robot

gigantic wasp

What a colourful cow!

and a mosaic fish

Inside the hot Rainforest Biome

The huge plants are great

It is all too much for Dylan - the humidity hits him!!!

At last it's cooler by the waterfall!

We felt so better here!

must move on....

The Malaysian house/garden

Banana Plantation

Sweet sugar cane, Dyl's favorite

Dylan eats the produce

different country foods

What an extraordinary experience for Dylan!