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Camping in Cornwall
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16th August 2009
Day 1 Cornwall

Roseville Campsite was pleasant on the high lands of Perranporth.
It was such a HOT day when we put the tent up and we couldn't wait to eat!!

My worst nightmare at this campsite!!
It had so many species of spiders in the shower rooms with the most huge cobwebs.
I was really terrified & couldn't wait to rush out of there everyday!!

Alwyn chills out while I cook the meal

We're all so exhausted......

......and Alwyn chills after driving.

Dylan waits patiently for his noodles and Veg.

The next day....

......time for quick breakfast!

Alwyn relaxing in the heat

Dylan in his own bedroom

Shall we disturb Alwyn?

or put the kettle on!