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New Year from Kenya 2008
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 1st January 2008

We celebrated the New Year at Stephanie & Roland's Kokonut Hotel.
The evening was great and all the relatives from afar got together!

Happy New Year - 2008!!

Uncle Bonnie from Goa and Joe

Vicky from Australia and Florrie

Aunty Nevis from Goa and I

Roland and Keegan

Mikhail and Alexander (from Australia)

Down at the beach at midnight!

Dylan with Aunty Alice (living in Nairobi)

In her beautiful garden!

Last day in Mombasa - Celebrate at an Indian Restaurant with our family

Florrie with Aunty Nevis and Vicky

Stephanie from Mombasa

Dylan and Tusker Beer!!!!

The jolly couple!

My sister and her husband live in Kenya. They went to a lot of trouble in
organising our trips everywhere - Thank You!!!
Also joining us on our holiday were my Cousins from UK.

On New Years Day......!

.....everyone is ready to go out!

Sikh Restaurant in Mombasa Town

The food was very tasty!