5mile walk to Lympe

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 11th July 2010

We decided to do another walk which was at least 8miles.
This time it was a round trip from Hythe to Lympe then back to Hythe again.
This was a tough one because the hill up Lympe was really steep!

On the way we saw the Sound Mirrors which were incredible. The "listening ears" provided warning of an incoming enemy aeroplane or ships from afar & could be reflected before the radar system was introduced!

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"The Great Walk Team" - Clare, Rod, Amy, Sam, Dylan, Alwyn and Daksha

Sam & Dylan at the Sound Mirrors

Sounds like Rod talking nonsense!

The bigger version of the Sound Mirrors - incredible technology used back in 1916!

Must be feeding time!!

Is Amy searching for cupcakes?

Alwyn's still trying suss out the technology!

Clare and Rod's feeling peckish

walking through the farm

Cool hat & glasses Sam

The steep hill upwards was exhausting but the views were fantastic!

The mischievous boys in the farm

Is that green beans in your pocket Sam?

Is this fun or what? Amy and I test out this new rocking equipment!!!