Music Quiz 2011

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21st January 2011

The local club held a Music Quiz one evening.
Our team, Folk-Stone Roses involved 6 adults including Billie and Tom from Dover
while Dylan & his friends formed a team called Beatles.

Our brains worked overtime for the answers and had a good laugh at the same time!!!!

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Folk-Stone Roses Team did quite well!

Billie was very good n fast!!

Clare n I try our best, honest!!

Few giggles....!

has Amy spotted someone?

Do you think it's New York?

Phoebe doing well for her team.

Is Rod telling us the answer....

....but Clare may have a point!!

Phoebe asking dad?

Dylan finds it amusing!

Sheet 5 - gets even harder...

 ....n Dylan helping or fooling around?

Billie n Rod join in with the 'singing'!

Sam n Dylan look like zombies!

Alison's hard work - serving the drinks

Martin presents the prizes

Beatles receive a prize....

.....for the youngest group taking part!

'Beatles' Team with their 'Gnome prizes'!!