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The Four Seasons - 2002

On June 2002, Debbie, the Drop-in co-ordinator approached some of us mothers and asked
 if we could be a little artistic and re-vamp their dull & dreary grey playground wall!

 I suggested the four seasons with animals as it would be educational for the little ones!
Of course we all mucked in and I enjoyed using my skills to draw on
on the walls and paint!!

The funny thing is, is that none of us have ever done this sort of
thing in our lives!!!  Not bad eh?

painting22.jpg (66115 bytes)
This is Debbie....

painting04.jpg (77836 bytes)
..... posing for the Newspaper

painting11.jpg (70690 bytes)
The moon, sun and the rainbow

painting10.jpg (65274 bytes)
The Autumn

painting01.jpg (67096 bytes)
I enjoyed doing this little squirrel

painting02.jpg (68671 bytes)
Here's my wishing well!

painting08.jpg (51629 bytes)
Best of all I love my sly fox.....

painting09.jpg (47357 bytes)
....he's after the hedgehog!

painting12.jpg (68659 bytes)
The squirrel with the nuts

painting13.jpg (73858 bytes)
Kalpesh's sunflowers and my bunnies!

painting14.jpg (65973 bytes)
Spring Season...

painting15.jpg (62300 bytes)
...with the pretty daffodils

painting05.jpg (55134 bytes)
Isobel's lovely duck....

painting06.jpg (62617 bytes)
...I think she's very proud of it!!

painting20.jpg (72442 bytes)
Come rain or shine we worked hard...

painting21.jpg (78660 bytes)
Jo and I, after a hard days work!

painting19.jpg (75468 bytes)
Dylan insisted on a butterfly....

painting18.jpg (85498 bytes) I added it to the Mural

wall01.jpg (83324 bytes)
Summer Season

wall02.jpg (76420 bytes)
My caterpillar and the butterfly 

wall03.jpg (48347 bytes)
Winter Season

wall04.jpg (53957 bytes)
Isobel paints the Snowflakes as Charlie watches

The happy Snowman

painting16.jpg (45976 bytes)
Jo's smiling aero plane

My little Robin

painting07.jpg (64593 bytes)
This is Liz, she's a good helper too

Today the Croydon Advertiser decided to photograph us
and our Magnificent Mural.