Plasa 2007

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Avolites had its annual  Exhibition  - Plasa 2007 at Earls Court.
We launched our Pearl Tiger Lighting Desk and had invited Tanya the belly dancer!

Our stand was buzzing with young people as usual.

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May and Elvira - the good old times!

Avolife Stand at Earls Court

Alwyn and one of the Lighting Desks

Meena - Our Financial Director

Robert and I

The Avo Boys

Alwyn and Brad chatting over the Dimmer

 Steve and Meena - The Sales Director

Girls pouring Champagne

Benita and Amanda busy at the Stand

The 4 Directors launch Pearl Tiger Desk

Alwyn shows Mac how it works

JB and his family, Elvira & Gwyn

Tanya the Belly Dancer!

Beverly  and I enjoy a laugh!