School Re-Union - September 2003

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Villiers high School 
1976 - 1980

 Well what do you know, Shindy, a friend of mine from my Secondary School
 E-mailed me and a few girls through Friends United, on the Internet.

She decided upon a re-union
at a lovely restaurant called Bombay 117!!!!
We  hadn't all met since 23 years!!!

It was quite a nervy feeling every time a face appeared through the door, 
but we all jumped up to hug them and began to remember each other's name!

The evening was such a memorable one!!!!

Shindy, Halminder, Shushma and I give a big hug and smile

Re-Union-02.jpg (43010 bytes)
Jas, Surinder and Kibby

Re-Union-03.jpg (33301 bytes)
Shushma and I with Kamlesh and Padda

Re-Union-01.jpg (37333 bytes)
The TWO Raj's - Rajinder and Rajvir

Re-Union-10.jpg (41017 bytes)
Enough of that posing, shindy!!!

Re-Union-11.jpg (53084 bytes)
More frozen smiles!

Re-Union-07.jpg (44007 bytes)
What's Kamlesh up to?

"The Villiers High Gang"

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