5 Mile Walk in Worthing! - 2007

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6th March 2007
What an Achievement!!

I don't know how - but shockingly (being unfit for so long) Dylan
and I came first in the 5 mile walk around Cissbury Ring in Worthing!!
It was only a Charity walk and not a race I have to admit!

The first 2 1/2 miles were torturous and a struggle going uphill!! This is where Dylan
went ahead of me and I dragged on but I made sure I did not stop!

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Dylan and I get ready - I am rather nervous!!!!

We're all set for our challenges!!

Dylan makes sure he has plenty of fluid!

The Three Forts Challenge

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5 Mile Walk around Cissbury Ring!

Climbing uphill for 2 1/2 mile was quite a struggle!!

Dylan is feeling cold!!!!!

as it becomes cloudy and dark.

A quick breather after that hill and steps!!
Then it's downhill - hooray!

Hotdog for the best walker!

Alwyn has completed too in 2:07:43!

Proud of my medal but so glad it's all over - in 2 hours!!!