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Farthing Downs
15th Sept 2002
It's my favourite countryside, so we go there again

After a long walk we sit down and I make faces at daddy!

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It's a little muddy so I wear my wellies
15sept2002-14.jpg (954735 bytes)
So many wild plants behind me
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We find a bench...
15sept2002-15.jpg (879473 bytes)
....for a picnic
15sept2002-17.jpg (886615 bytes)
On the track again - I'm acting The Hulk
15sept2002-16.jpg (895448 bytes)
A little breather once more
15sept2002-21.jpg (879653 bytes)
Wow look at this fallen tree
15sept2002-22.jpg (881721 bytes)
It's enormous
15sept2002-23.jpg (901813 bytes)
Nature calls!
15sept2002-24.jpg (869138 bytes)
'Come on' mummy
15sept2002-25.jpg (888097 bytes)
I fall down and graze my arm
15sept2002-13.jpg (861453 bytes)
but I'm alright

The old cows block our exit from Farthing Downs!!!!!

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We manage to move the cows by using my loud toy wheel!
Back at home, Matthew came to visit and I just love to 
amuse him with my antics 
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I just love burning energy on my trampoline

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