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50mile Relay Challenge at Chislet, Canterbury!
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The Chislet Four

Scott, Alan and Niklas arrived from London to Canterbury to take part in the
50mile challenge along with me.

The weather condition was so unpredictable!! First the heavy rain followed by the hot sun!
However we did amazingly well by completing it - our time being 8 hours 35minutes.

 50 Mile Challenge - The Chislet Four - 15th July 2007


Lap Runner Time
1 Scott 01:00:44
2 Alwyn 01:04:31
3 Alan 01:02:59
4 Alan 01:10:03
5 Scott 01:04:27
6 Niklas 00:57:38
7 Alwyn 01:04:07
8 Scott 01:14:28
Average:    9.91 km/h
                6.16 mph

The Chislet Four - 50mile relay challenge - 8 hours 35 minutes

it's pouring down with rain in the morning!

Scott is ready to star!

Daksha & Dylan cheer us on

I'm getting ready for my 1st lap

Scott completes the 1st lap at 1:00:44

I take over from him

I finish my 1st lap at time of 1:04:31

The heat was unbearable

I relax but no beer yet!

We can take a breather

Dylan is having some fun

Alan is set to go

He finishes his 1st lap, smiling at 1:02:59

and continues with the 2nd lap, finishing at 1:10:03

Time for a hearty lunch

and few more pints of water!!

Scott does his 2nd lap in 1:00:45

Niklas starts his lap

He collapses as he finishes

His time was very good - 00:57:38

I complete my 2nd lap at 1:04:07

Dylan joins me to the finishing line

Scott running in the difficult terrain

Dylan goes to run the last mile with him

The last 5th lap completed by Scott at 1:14:28 in the hot sun!

Dylan after the 1 mile run!

Alan reckons he's the weakest link!
We did it!!
The Chislet Four are awarded a Trophy, Medals and a Certificate.

The Happy Chislet Four  after their beers!!