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Booze Cruise 2002 - Chichester - 20th April 2002
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A great day was had at Chichester in West Sussex

Click on the pictures to see a larger one!!!!

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A huge breakfast to get things going.
bc2002-05.jpg (84841 bytes)
At last! some beer
bc2002-08.jpg (81331 bytes)
Well Well !!
bc2002-06.jpg (75176 bytes)
Are you sure Kev?
bc2002-07.jpg (54419 bytes)
Steady on chaps
bc2002-11.jpg (51263 bytes)
Raj - the Fonze
bc2002-12.jpg (52428 bytes)
The GB seems to be going down well
bc2002-14.jpg (58066 bytes)
Time to move on - Is that Suggs in front?
bc2002-15.jpg (65516 bytes)
That's where the other got to!
bc2002-17.jpg (82013 bytes)
Bob's not impressed
bc2002-16.jpg (69624 bytes)
Good as it looks - I think I'll wait for a curry later on
bc2002-18.jpg (76335 bytes)
What a bargain!!
Only 1000 for the rocking horse
bc2002-19.jpg (82990 bytes)
Oh no!! The only pub listed in the Good Beer Guide and its shut!
bc2002-20.jpg (74103 bytes)
Never mind!
Lets thy this one instead.
bc2002-21.jpg (58305 bytes)
All this way for London Pride
bc2002-09.jpg (48906 bytes)
bc2002-22.jpg (44695 bytes)
Last game of pool before we head back home.
bc2002-23.jpg (58725 bytes)
Hang on!
Where's the nearest Curry house?
bc2002-02.jpg (29722 bytes)
40 minutes later and we've finished in record time - and we had some popadoms too!!
bc2002-01.jpg (33435 bytes)
Mission accomplished!!
Just in time to get the last train