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Booze Cruise 2003 - Rye
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Rye - The Town on the Hill - 1066 country

The hill-top town of Rye evokes the feel of the island it once was, surrounded by the rivers Rother, Brede and Tillingham, and looming above the marshland and sea.
The ancient world meets the modern in Rye, where picturesque medieval streets and buildings combine with the convenience and comfort of today's shops and restaurants.

It also has some fantastic pubs hence us being here
it does possibly have the worst rail link from London

St Mary's Church

This church has stood in the heart of Rye since the 12th century.
Its many features include the 'Quarter Boys' and the long clock pendulum.
The church tower provides a magnificent panorama of surrounding countryside and the sea.

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Latest news!!

After months of controversy, the Crystal Palace Fun Run dispute can finally be resolved.
This long drawn out affair has split the athletics community into two bitter camps.
However, a compromise was reached by Sean and Bob who decided to share the prestigious trophy for six months each - who said the art of compromise was dead!!


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The hunt for the Catholics begins

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Is that Kevin & Mat!!