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Maidstone Half Marathon 2005
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2005-10-23-02.jpg (59693 bytes)
In the morning it's a bit cold!
2005-10-23-04.jpg (86231 bytes)
But we warm up at the starting line
2005-10-23-03.jpg (79198 bytes)
Dylan is our helper
2005-10-23-01.jpg (61894 bytes)
Everyone heads to the start line
2005-10-23-05.jpg (82697 bytes)
The whistle goes off
2005-10-23-07.jpg (82559 bytes)
And there we go

Still smiling.....

2005-10-23-08.jpg (70821 bytes)
Can you spot Nigel?
2005-10-23-11.jpg (67941 bytes)
The Star Wars man paces it his way 
2005-10-23-12.jpg (76189 bytes)
We complete our first lap
2005-10-23-13.jpg (80172 bytes)
and still together....
2005-10-23-18.jpg (80209 bytes)
I've nearly reached the finishing line!
2005-10-23-17.jpg (109621 bytes)
Dylan waits for us patiently

I come in before Nigel -  at 2hr 6min - not bad!
2005-10-23-20.jpg (92241 bytes)
Here comes Nigel
2005-10-23-21.jpg (109220 bytes)
He checks his time
2005-10-23-23.jpg (56853 bytes)
Phew - it's all over
2005-10-23-22.jpg (69945 bytes)
When's the next one?
2005-10-23-24.jpg (69853 bytes) 2005-10-23-26.jpg (90844 bytes)

Didn't we do well? Daksha was a great support for us!!


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