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Kent Coastal Half-Marathon - 4th September 2005
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2005-09-04-05.jpg (47812 bytes)
The tension mounts as we approaching the starting line
2005-09-04-06.jpg (54844 bytes)
Off we go .....

Only 13.1 miles to go!!
2005-09-04-10.jpg (59433 bytes)
There's a big turnout for the run
2005-09-04-09.jpg (55660 bytes)
Wish I had some sun block!!
2005-09-04-12.jpg (57931 bytes)
Sean finishes in sub two hours
2005-09-04-15.jpg (46144 bytes)
Here I come!!
2005-09-04-16.jpg (67230 bytes)
Phew nearly there!!
2005-09-04-18.jpg (77046 bytes)
My time: 2 hours and 7 mins!!

Dylan cheers me on to the end
2005-09-04-19.jpg (89225 bytes)
We relax...
2005-09-04-20.jpg (90320 bytes)
....with our sons
2005-09-04-21.jpg (52011 bytes)
Must do some stretches
2005-09-04-22.jpg (45563 bytes)
and chill out
2005-09-04-23.jpg (62121 bytes)
Dylan and Joe have completed their 1500 run
2005-09-04-24.jpg (60204 bytes)
We all received our medals
2005-09-04-01.jpg (68946 bytes)
great stuff ...
2005-09-04-04.jpg (53258 bytes)
... same again next year!!!!
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