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Paris - 9th August 2010
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In Paris, Dylan wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower first so we decided to climb up which was unbelievably so much fun in the hot day! 
We reached Louvre Museum to rest a little followed by a walk to Notre Dame.

 We relaxed for some lunch here and Dylan had his Nutella crepes!!

Under the Eiffel Tower, Dylan looks up!

with his blue mini version of  the tower!!

Dylan is absolutely thrilled!!

We queue up for the stairs

Breathtaking views....

....from different angles

When u get to the top.....

......there is a lovely area to chill out!

heading down chaps!

It is so easy to go down then up!

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Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral

Louvre Museum

Dylan - you've grown!!!!

Notre Dame....

......stunning cathedral