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My First Christmas - 1998
25th December 1998
My first Christmas and I was only 6 months old! I received so many presents and was overjoyed but didn't understand it much.

1stxmas-01.jpg (49938 bytes)
Not sure what to do with the cracker...

1stxmas-02.jpg (56055 bytes)
...eat it - but mummy is pulling it?

1stxmas-05.jpg (62827 bytes)
This wrapper is tasty enough

1stxmas-04.jpg (77618 bytes)
colourful eggs from Michelle!

1stxmas-07.jpg (72990 bytes)
Another colourful wrapper

1stxmas-06.jpg (74887 bytes)
Wow its a baby ball from Sue

Wicked car from my grandparents!

1stxmas-08.jpg (57712 bytes)
Hi-tec toy from Aunty and uncle

1stxmas-09.jpg (48940 bytes) 1stxmas-11.jpg (41857 bytes)
1stxmas-10.jpg (51970 bytes) 1stxmas-13.jpg (50458 bytes)
1stxmas-12.jpg (49214 bytes) 1stxmas-03.jpg (55780 bytes)

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