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Madame Tussauds - 2000
April 2000
When I was only 2 years old, Mummy took me to Madame Tussauds
and the Planetarium, but I was a handful to look after!!!

There was so many people in one area and mummy said they were make-believe
 people made from wax that didn't move - strange!!!! 

Why are they called Beatles?
tussauds-03.jpg (38233 bytes)
I'm hungry, where's my food?

This is Sophie
tussauds-02.jpg (54190 bytes)
We're chasing the lights on the floor...
tussauds-10.jpg (45184 bytes)
Who are all these Weird people?
tussauds-05.jpg (61100 bytes)
He's so serious, man!
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Superman looks cool
tussauds-08.jpg (44309 bytes)
I wonder if Gandhi ji is feeling cold?
tussauds-06.jpg (51147 bytes)
Give us a crisp, Linekar
tussauds-07.jpg (52809 bytes)
This Lenny Henry chap is frightening!
tussauds-04.jpg (39298 bytes)
Watching the stars - Planetarium

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Regents Park

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Mummy and Sophia
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What an amazing fountain!
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This is better than the waxworks - chasing the geese!