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Tooting Lido
17th Sept 2000

We had a great time at Tooting Lido, the lake is fantastic but I 
couldn't paddle in there. I took my little car and zoomed at 10miles per hour, well 
almost! Everyone stared at me because I was so fast!

Everyone out of my way - this is a high-speed car!!!!
17sept2000-13.jpg (73446 bytes)
Weeeee - Lets put my feet up now
17sept2000-14.jpg (83463 bytes)
Where did that dip come from?
17sept2000-15.jpg (57535 bytes)
Is this bridge safe?
17sept2000-10.jpg (89727 bytes)
Here duckies...
17sept2000-22.jpg (72374 bytes) 17sept2000-24.jpg (61698 bytes)
17sept2000-11.jpg (74044 bytes) 17sept2000-23.jpg (91710 bytes)
17sept2000-25.jpg (56011 bytes) 17sept2000-26.jpg (60747 bytes)
17sept2000-16.jpg (88104 bytes)
Catch that daddy
17sept2000-17.jpg (77094 bytes)
There you go
17sept2000-19.jpg (102779 bytes)
Stop that tickling mummy...
17sept2000-20.jpg (75531 bytes)
...right I'm off!

Let's go that way