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Grandma's Birthday
28 July 2001
Thai Restaurant in Purley followed by a trip to Farthing Downs
to celebrate grandma's birthday.

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Don't like waiting, Warren says

I behave quietly

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Where's my food, I ask!!!

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Grandma starts the "Starters"

DSCF0008.jpg (53188 bytes)
What do I do with these sticks?

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Grandpa teaches me to eat with chopsticks!

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I was so thirsty

DSCF0012.jpg (47191 bytes)
Mummy's glass is already empty

DSCF0013.jpg (111431 bytes)
Everyone is exhausted.....

DSCF0014.jpg (106111 bytes)
Mummy flops onto the grass

DSCF0015.jpg (102615 bytes)
It's steep here but Ian decides to play footie

DSCF0017.jpg (111255 bytes)
.....Oh no, we've lost the ball in the woods

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Daddy and the rest look for the MY ball

DSCF0024.jpg (40731 bytes)
I play with mummy's hair - it's fun

DSCF0026.jpg (97855 bytes)
I need to wee-wee and take grandpa

DSCF0027.jpg (100143 bytes)
Caroline is expecting and takes rest

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