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Leith Hill is a brilliant place to go for a walk and also climb up the Tower.
The stairs are winding and it is so dark inside, almost scary.
I'm glad mummy held my hand till we reached the top!
The views from there are breathtaking......

Leith Hill - Dorking

Daddy and I sit down for a lolly
6July2002-04.jpg (50255 bytes)
Mummy and I climb up......
6July2002-05.jpg (59713 bytes)
....this is scary!
6July2002-06.jpg (55110 bytes)
Mummy's hiding her scar on the face
6July2002-07.jpg (42166 bytes)
Daddy looks happy
6July2002-09.jpg (58852 bytes)
I cuddle up to mummy....
6July2002-08.jpg (55263 bytes)
.....like a baby!
6July2002-10.jpg (68071 bytes)
There's mummy waving....
6July2002-11.jpg (54735 bytes)
....from the very top!
6July2002-12.jpg (49356 bytes)
She's come down
6July2002-13.jpg (57163 bytes)
and here she is
6July2002-14.jpg (69836 bytes)
What's daddy seen now?
6July2002-19.jpg (99564 bytes)
mummy shows me how old the tree is
6July2002-01.jpg (78087 bytes)
Aah look at my parents
6July2002-15.jpg (51230 bytes)
I look the smartest
6July2002-18.jpg (91211 bytes)
Hey say cheese!
6July2002-02.jpg (105402 bytes)
I'm ready for a long walk
6July2002-22.jpg (113536 bytes) 6July2002-24.jpg (114194 bytes)
6July2002-25.jpg (118622 bytes) 6July2002-26.jpg (108912 bytes)
6July2002-23.jpg (123609 bytes)
Wow this is high up
6July2002-20.jpg (95592 bytes)
This way everybody

Hope the camera doesn't wobble off the table!!