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Bluebell Railway
I was so desperate to go on the Bluebell Railway after I saw
it in a leaflet with many attractive pictures. I persuaded daddy to take us!

The ride on the railway was excellent and it was a sunny day too.
We had a lovely picnic and ice-creams too.

We also went for a short walk in the Ashdown Forest, that was fantastic!

Pretty impressive wouldn't you say? It's wicked!
29June2002-02.jpg (60032 bytes)
Wow look at that this steam engine
29June2002-03.jpg (71458 bytes)
It's very noisy
29June2002-04.jpg (72823 bytes)
We're at the opposite station
29June2002-01.jpg (76778 bytes)
Back in the train
29June2002-05.jpg (65749 bytes)
I look out for interesting views
29June2002-06.jpg (73402 bytes)
look happy daddy!
29June2002-08.jpg (60933 bytes)
Train converted to a posh restaurant
29June2002-11.jpg (67258 bytes)
Great "old" station
29June2002-09.jpg (74824 bytes)
This bridge is fantastic...
29June2002-07.jpg (81074 bytes)
we could watch all the trains go by!

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Ashdown Forest

Mummy goes on ahead and is the leader today!

29June2002-13.jpg (108063 bytes)
Are we lost?
29June2002-14.jpg (87053 bytes)
No maybe not
29June2002-16.jpg (94018 bytes)
Come on mum....
29June2002-15.jpg (110799 bytes)
let's go this way!
29June2002-18.jpg (77858 bytes)
Phew I'm exhausted....
29June2002-20.jpg (55121 bytes)
...let's get in the car
29June2002-17.jpg (116751 bytes)
Hey folks.....
29June2002-19.jpg (92965 bytes)
this has been Ashdown Forest!!!