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The London Aquarium
8th Feb 2002
Daddy promised me ages ago that we'd go to the Aqaurium to see
the BIG fishes and finally we did. However I was a bit bored and hungry 
and daddy became annoyed with me so we left early!
I wanted to really go on the London Eye!!!!!

8Feb2002-01.jpg (56778 bytes)
The London Eye
8Feb2002-04.jpg (38287 bytes)
It moves so slowly
8Feb2002-02.jpg (43813 bytes)
The Big Ben looks immpressive
8Feb2002-03.jpg (42928 bytes)
and massive!
8Feb2002-06.jpg (32133 bytes) 8Feb2002-07.jpg (31089 bytes)
8Feb2002-08.jpg (34096 bytes)
8Feb2002-09.jpg (47478 bytes) 8Feb2002-10.jpg (82274 bytes)
8Feb2002-13.jpg (69412 bytes) 8Feb2002-12.jpg (54253 bytes)
8Feb2002-14.jpg (39293 bytes) 8Feb2002-15.jpg (56505 bytes)
8Feb2002-17.jpg (63554 bytes)
Where are the pigeons?
8Feb2002-16.jpg (49447 bytes)
I'm afraid of this lion
8Feb2002-18.jpg (51719 bytes)
Pretty exhausted
8Feb2002-19.jpg (40812 bytes)
but I can still lark about!