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My 4th birthday - Fancy Dress!
21st June 2002
Having a Fancy dress was the best for my 4th birthday party.
 I was the Red Indian as you can see and Mummy and Daddy were too!!
All my friends dressed up and looked amazing in their costumes.

Grandma made lots of yummy food for everyone and so did mummy!
We had a fantastic day and played many games - I hope my friends enjoyed it as mush as I did! 

4thbirthday-11.jpg (44654 bytes) 4thbirthday-09.jpg (48348 bytes)
4thbirthday-12.jpg (33299 bytes) 4thbirthday-10.jpg (58012 bytes)
4thbirthday-13.jpg (41356 bytes)
Mummy put the camera away...
4thbirthday-14.jpg (52366 bytes)
...right no more smiles!!!

I'm 4 today 
4thbirthday-01.jpg (49592 bytes)
'Bob the Builder' cake - it's mine
4thbirthday-03.jpg (50786 bytes)
Made a wish....
4thbirthday-02.jpg (53958 bytes)
...I want to cut it and eat it
4thbirthday-04.jpg (45967 bytes)
Alexander, Nikesh and Ella wait!
4thbirthday-05.jpg (59004 bytes)
Claide gives me a hand with the knife
4thbirthday-15.jpg (43459 bytes)
4thbirthday-07.jpg (73193 bytes)
Mummy's hard work - thank you!

Thanks dad for the Meccano present!

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