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Hilton Hotel - Bracknell
29th March 2002

This Easter, we had a weekend away at the Hilton Hotel in Bracknell. 
This time Aunt Wiv and Uncle Reg joined us.

It was so funny because after we had checked in, there was a fire alarm and we all had to evacuate - including the swimmers!!!!!
Best part was seeing the Fire Engine.

In the evening we dined in the restaurant then played
"who wants to be a millionaire" game.

29Mar2002-01.jpg (45616 bytes)
I relax in my bedroom with my drink...

29Mar2002-02.jpg (54225 bytes)
...while mummy made the tea!

29march2002-06.jpg (152257 bytes)
Mummy has a migraine and I make...
HiltonHotel.jpg (30643 bytes)
.... loud noises and draw on the board
29Mar2002-05.jpg (60209 bytes)
Fire Alarm  - we all evacuate!!!
29Mar2002-04.jpg (93626 bytes)
Hooray! here come the Fire Engine
29Mar2002-07.jpg (84193 bytes)
It looks fantastic - the firemen waves to me
29Mar2002-08.jpg (89200 bytes)
Grandpa and I watch it go
29Mar2002-06.jpg (63484 bytes)
We're given the ok to return....
29Mar2002-09.jpg (65756 bytes)
....the best excitement of the day!!
29Mar2002-11.jpg (67274 bytes)
In my bedroom, we play with Matthew
29Mar2002-12.jpg (69449 bytes)
Daddy tries to hold him
29Mar2002-13.jpg (85989 bytes)
I show him my collection of cars
29Mar2002-10.jpg (54644 bytes)
....and he seems to want to play
29Mar2002-15.jpg (105671 bytes)
This is St. Annes, the Hilton.......we take a stroll before breakfast
29Mar2002-16.jpg (106552 bytes)
Matthew cuddles up
29Mar2002-17.jpg (133910 bytes)
What's mummy hiding?
29Mar2002-18.jpg (89156 bytes)
The sun is too much
29Mar2002-23.jpg (114012 bytes)
Time for water everyone
29Mar2002-19.jpg (106735 bytes)
Ian and daddy V....
29Mar2002-20.jpg (111858 bytes)
.....Warren and Caroline
29Mar2002-26.jpg (75259 bytes)
Come on, slash it!
29Mar2002-22.jpg (122193 bytes)
I'm the ball boy!!


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29Mar2002-34.jpg (100502 bytes)
Aunt Wiv. and Uncle Reg
29Mar2002-29.jpg (72292 bytes)
and Grandma
29Mar2002-33.jpg (69843 bytes)
I love you mummy....
29Mar2002-32.jpg (66263 bytes)
......and grandpa very much
29Mar2002-36.jpg (64758 bytes)
What's Uncle Ian trying to say?
29Mar2002-35.jpg (84257 bytes)
Must be another joke!


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When we returned home, on Easter Monday
my mummy and daddy bought me a brand new bicycle - wow, it was cool!!
29Mar2002-37.jpg (97318 bytes) 29Mar2002-38.jpg (103677 bytes)
29Mar2002-39.jpg (100420 bytes) 29Mar2002-40.jpg (108559 bytes)