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Crawling around!
9th November 2002

When Matthew came round in November, he was crawling around so fast! I had forgotten what it was like to crawl so I decided to join him and was desperately trying to keep up with him!
10nov2002-06.jpg (52899 bytes)
Come on slow coach...

...this way, follow me.
10nov2002-08.jpg (48385 bytes)
What's round this corner?
10nov2002-05.jpg (43709 bytes)
aha, the steps to another adventure!
10nov2002-09.jpg (47777 bytes)
Attack the video man....
10nov2002-10.jpg (43710 bytes)
....Got him!!

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Playing with mummy and daddy
10th November 2002

10nov2002-01.jpg (42102 bytes)
One kiss for mummy...
10nov2002-02.jpg (45810 bytes)
...and one hug also for the day!

1.2.3.....say smelly feet everybody!
10nov2002-04.jpg (47227 bytes)
I didn't want to be in this photo, but my hand got a view!

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