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Mummy + Daddy's 6th Anniversary
21st Sept 2002
Mummy and Daddy's 6th Wedding Anniversary
As we all love the countryside, we decided to go to Box Hill
for the day and it was fun!

21sept02-01.jpg (54119 bytes)
This is Boxhill's Viewpoint.
21sept02-02.jpg (48411 bytes)
Here's mum enjoying the view
21sept02-20.jpg (56936 bytes)
Wow - I can see the world from here!
21sept02-21.jpg (91762 bytes)
This hill is good fun
21sept02-03.jpg (89966 bytes)
Like my cool hut?   Can you see me?
21sept02-05.jpg (68552 bytes) 21sept02-06.jpg (128033 bytes)
21sept02-07.jpg (93834 bytes)
Follow the leader
21sept02-08.jpg (107934 bytes)
Phew! this is tough work
21sept02-09.jpg (98243 bytes)
Time to get to work
21sept02-10.jpg (92875 bytes)
There - I've built my very own hut
21sept02-11.jpg (112560 bytes)
Time for a rest now
21sept02-12.jpg (103603 bytes)
Who forgot to bring the picnic?
21sept02-13.jpg (93545 bytes) 21sept02-14.jpg (81445 bytes)
21sept02-15.jpg (93513 bytes) 21sept02-15a.jpg (68062 bytes)
21sept02-16.jpg (65438 bytes)
I'm going to tall as a giant
21sept02-17.jpg (89075 bytes)
Fancy a drink mum?
21sept02-18.jpg (93540 bytes)
We've reached the end of the trail
21sept02-19.jpg (84293 bytes)
I think I need another drink
21sept02-22.jpg (60976 bytes)
Gosh  - so many blackberries!!
21sept02-23.jpg (102781 bytes)
Give us a hand, mum
21sept02-24.jpg (109269 bytes) 21sept02-25.jpg (103316 bytes)
21sept02-26.jpg (81697 bytes) 21sept02-27.jpg (65852 bytes)
21sept02-28.jpg (57320 bytes)
This is an interesting map
21sept02-29.jpg (60433 bytes)
if you can read it!

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