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Dylan's Baptism Day
14th December 2003

This was my BIG day of Baptism,
in a small village of Merces, in Goa.  

This is exactly where Grandpa was baptised and brought up 
when he was young boy, hence we chose this beautiful church!

I am blessed with prayers and I managed to behave so well!!

Aunty Maria holds the beautiful, decorated candle for me

Baptism-05.jpg (60801 bytes)
What's happening daddy?

Baptism-06.jpg (63286 bytes)
Oh no - the holy water!

Baptism-07.jpg (60084 bytes)
My head feels a little wet

Baptism-09.jpg (66889 bytes)
Grandpa looks very pleased!

Baptism-13.jpg (54947 bytes)
In the name of the Father....

Baptism-10.jpg (50822 bytes)
.....the priest places a holy picture

Baptism-08.jpg (55474 bytes)
The Godparents-Ian and Maria
(proxy for Aunty Caroline)

Baptism-02.jpg (91725 bytes)
Cake by Aunty Nevis and Uncle Bonnie

Goa-03.jpg (56701 bytes)
We say our prayers.....

Baptism-16.jpg (49158 bytes)
....and the father blesses Dylan at home

Baptism-19.jpg (60454 bytes)
Must blow out the magic candle

Baptism-20.jpg (52338 bytes)
At last, I cut a piece!

Baptism-17.jpg (69760 bytes)
Mikhail and Simeone try the candle too!

Baptism-18.jpg (50733 bytes)
Yummy pineapple cake for me!

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