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Short stay from my cousins
13th August 2003

My cousins Mitesh and Vinesh were on School holidays 
and payed a short visit to Thornton Heath.

Nik, my other cousin came along too with Ansuya aunty - she's cool!
We had a great time at Battersea Park one day then chilled out in  the garden.

The Four Firestarters!! - Mitesh, Nik, Vinesh and I

Ansuya aunty -  smile for the camera
13Aug2003.jpg (76015 bytes)
We're too busy eating
13Aug2003-07.jpg (61735 bytes)
this chair is like a small bed!
13Aug2003-03.jpg (55370 bytes)
Nik and I play with remote cars...
13Aug2003-04.jpg (58987 bytes)
.....we just love them!
13Aug2003-05.jpg (72576 bytes)
The big boys play game of tennis
13Aug2003-06.jpg (62225 bytes)
What's aunty up to now? sewing again!
13Aug2003-09.jpg (62339 bytes)
It's been fun having my cousins!

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