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Croydon Mela
20th August 2003

Another year of The Croydon Mela at Lloyds Park, luckily Daddy's cricket
was cancelled!!!! It was such a hot day but fun for everyone.
There was plenty of music and yummy Indian and all types of food!

I had a chance to do Rangoli - patterns with coloured powder and glitter.
It was great fun doing this and most kids enjoyed this activity.

Punjabi MC
20July2003-07.jpg (41016 bytes) 20July2003-08.jpg (41458 bytes)
20July2003-09.jpg (48882 bytes)
Bangoli music
20July2003-10.jpg (37281 bytes)
Kathakali dance
20July2003-19.jpg (34702 bytes)
Good to have daddy's shoulder
20July2003-18.jpg (42850 bytes)
wow - this dancer was on stilts
20July2003-06.jpg (33328 bytes)
fun with Bubbles
20July2003-05.jpg (49807 bytes)
The wind blew all my bubbles
20July2003-03.jpg (78791 bytes)
Daddy gives me a hand
20July2003-04.jpg (73908 bytes)
and a mouth!!
20July2003-15.jpg (61835 bytes)
The dirt mound was fantastic...
20July2003-16.jpg (90366 bytes)
....I loved running and getting dirty
20July2003-01.jpg (50024 bytes)
Let's be nosy in that tent...
20July2003-12.jpg (61333 bytes)
....excellent, Kids Area!
20July2003-13.jpg (55398 bytes)
Having a go at Rangoli
20July2003-11.jpg (64271 bytes)
look mummy is this OK?

The young girl gives me a hand with the "OM" sign