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Boni-Jane's trip to London
24th July 2003

Grandpa's niece, Boni-Jane did a stopover for 4 days from Goa back to America
and it was fun having her around! 
Mummy and I took her on a sightseeing Tour of London and exhausted her!!!!
We did a fantastic cruising tour on the River Thames and saw the London Barrier.
Mummy also managed to buy something at Harrods especially for the bag 
so that Boni-Jane had a souvenir - how strange?

Boni-Jane on the cruise boat - River Thames

Passing under the London Bridge
23July2003-08.jpg (44003 bytes)
I enjoyed this trip....
23July2003-06.jpg (51052 bytes)
....and tried to find some fishes
23July2003-07.jpg (65980 bytes)
View of Tower of London
23July2003-09.jpg (44571 bytes)
Full view of London Bridge
23July2003-04.jpg (55801 bytes)
Millenium Bridge
23July2003-03.jpg (42883 bytes)
Big Ben - Westminster
23July2003-13.jpg (52595 bytes)
Boni and I enjoy the view
23July2003-12.jpg (99120 bytes)
Trafalgar Square fountains
23July2003-02.jpg (63478 bytes)
Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace
23July2003.jpg (65609 bytes)
I think Boni was pleased to see this

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The next day we went on a shopping trip to Croydon 
and a picnic in the Garden

We have a pleasant picnic

bonijane05.jpg (80386 bytes)
Here's me running around....
bonijane06.jpg (88999 bytes)
with my bag of crisps!!

Don't I look cool but Boni-Jane looks wicked in her Indian outfit

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