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Weekend break in Maidstone
22nd March 2003
On Saturday we packed our bags for a break at Ramada Hotel, Maidstone. It was really another excuse to celebrate Daddy's 40th birthday away from home, and we all enjoyed it very much. 

hotel-25.jpg (92434 bytes)
What's daddy up to?
hotel-28.jpg (44727 bytes)
Looking through the big tyre
hotel-31.jpg (94392 bytes) hotel-32.jpg (122750 bytes)
hotel-03.jpg (103298 bytes)
I'm on the edge, dad!
hotel-02.jpg (113828 bytes)
What a lovely lake
hotel-01.jpg (96338 bytes)
I love these bridges...
hotel-04.jpg (103799 bytes)
....we just had to go over all of them!
hotel-06.jpg (33092 bytes)
One kiss only, mum.... ....and only one hug!
hotel-07.jpg (46567 bytes)
Daddy's 4oth at the Hotel restaurant
hotel-36.jpg (43540 bytes)
Hotel meal was absolutly yummy!
hotel-09.jpg (51703 bytes)
Matthew has toast on top of his meal!
hotel-10.jpg (52115 bytes)
I decide to draw something for daddy
hotel-11.jpg (48453 bytes)
It's the man with the magic tricks!
hotel-12.jpg (44474 bytes)
He's a bigger cheater than Warren!!
hotel-13.jpg (41274 bytes)
of course its the ice-cream time
hotel-08.jpg (44505 bytes)
Mummy still eating her 2rd course!
hotel-14.jpg (88908 bytes)
Take Grandpa for a long walk
hotel-19.jpg (52726 bytes)
Matthew wants to be carried
hotel-17.jpg (91124 bytes)
Come on, try and get the ball of me...
hotel-15.jpg (97088 bytes)
...tackle me daddy!
hotel-16.jpg (109974 bytes) hotel-18.jpg (98220 bytes)
hotel-30.jpg (92548 bytes)
Everyone tired...
hotel-26.jpg (75258 bytes)
....nope, Matthew decides to walk
hotel-20.jpg (91665 bytes)
I'm acting the chimp here!
hotel-21.jpg (94864 bytes)
and the big Gorilla on the tyre
hotel-22.jpg (69319 bytes)
Don't let go....
hotel-24.jpg (46434 bytes)
....or else
hotel-29.jpg (96394 bytes)
That looks fun, Warren says
hotel-23.jpg (82964 bytes)
I think I'll have a go too!!
hotel-05.jpg (53076 bytes) hotel-35.jpg (44912 bytes)

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